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Eesti sõnavõtt Üldkogu Ad Hoc komittee vabatahtliku panustamise väljakuulutamise kohtumisel toetamaks kõrge voliniku (UNHCR) 2018.a. programmi


Statement by Ms. Riia Salsa,

Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Estonia to UN Office at Geneva



Meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee of the General Assembly for the Announcement of Voluntary Contributions to the High Commissioner’s Programme for 2018



Genf, 5 detsember 2017


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Mr Chairperson, High Commissioner, dear colleagues,


Estonia highly appreciates the UNHCR’s work around the globe and UNHCR’s response to acute and protracted situations of forced displacement in many complex humanitarian settings.


Allow me to thank UNHCR for the detailed information presented in the Global Appeal 2018-2019 that gives comprehensive overview of the state of the humanitarian landscape and resources needed by UNHCR to protect and assist the forcibly displaced and other people of concern.


Estonia supports the strategic priorities of UNHCR and commends the effectiveness of the organisation in fulfilling its important humanitarian mandate. 2017 underlined once again the need for global engagement, predictable and collaborative response based on international solidarity. Estonia is engaged in sharing the responsibility and supporting UNHCR in its central role in safeguarding the international refugee protection regime and shaping the Global Compact on Refugees.


UNHCR has been for many years one of my Governments main international humanitarian partners. Today, I wish to announce an unearmarked contribution of 100 000 euros to support the activities of UNHCR in 2018. This constitutes an increase by 25% of Estonia’s unearmarked funding to UNHCR. The amount has already been disbursed. Apart of this contribution, Estonia continues to support various UNHCR operations throughout the year.


Finally, allow me to pay tribute to UNHCR’s dedicated staff who often carries out its valuable humanitarian work in challenging conditions and environment.


I thank you for your attention!



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